Who Shoots What

When you become a Mount Petrie Bowmen member you will be classified into a category according to your age, sex, and bow preference, eg, Under 16 (U16) Male Recurve, or 50+ Female Longbow. This determines what distances you shoot for official competition purposes. Read on to figure it out.

Your Age Class

When you join Mount Petrie Bowmen you will be classified according to your age.  For example, you might be an Under 14, or 50+ or Open archer, depending on how old you are. Each year, our national governing body, Archery Australia publishes the age classes on its web site. 

Your Official Distances

Once you know your category, you can work out your official distances. Of course, you can shoot and record a score for any distance, but only your official ones will count for championship purposes and setting records. Find yours….

What Each Shoot Involves

Finally, you need to know what each shoot involves in terms of the number of arrows shot at what distances, and at what size target face. Learn more…. At the outset, new members usually will struggle to reach the official distances for their age and bowtype. That’s OK. You can shoot the shorter distances while you build your skills. It’s all good experience.

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