FAQs – Frequently asked questions about the club, membership, activities, equipment, etc.

How do I become a member?

The standard track to membership is by completing one of our Archery Certificate Courses or an equivalent course at another Archery Australia or World Archery affiliated club.  If you can demonstrate current or previous membership of a recognised Archery Australia or World Archery affiliated club you may, at the discretion of Mount Petrie Bowmen, be permitted to undertake an assessment of your proficiency and safety practice (the form of which will be determined by the Committee), in lieu of undertaking the Archery Certificate Course.

We reserve the right to require any other person applying for membership to undertake a suitable course of training, as determined by the Committee.

What kind of bow is permitted for use at MPB?

We shoot compound, recurve and traditional bows, but not crossbows or fishing bows.  In accordance with Archery Australia Rules – s., the maximum poundage permitted to be shot at Mount Petrie Bowmen is 60lb. A compound bow with a variable peak weight range above 60lb cannot be used. For other bows, the maximum draw weight, as measured at the archer’s draw length, cannot exceed 60lbs. Hunting points such as broad heads are not permitted, and there are some restrictions on the wearing of camouflage colours – see s. 7.11.6 of the Archery Australia Shooting Rules.

What are the fees?

When you join Mount Petrie Bowmen (MPB) you will also affiliate to our state governing body, South Queensland Archery Society (SQAS) and to our national governing body, Archery Australia (AA).  Check out our fee structure.

What archery disciplines do you offer

We shoot outdoor and indoor target archery, field archery and clout – learn more. We don’t offer hunting or 3D field archery.

At what age can I start archery?

From experience we know that age 11 is generally the youngest appropriate age to start learning archery, which has at least two elements that some young kids find difficult.  There is the physical element where the bow has to be pulled back a lot of times and this can be quite physically demanding.  Then there is the mental bit where there is a demand for the learner to be aware of their body and to understand what has to be done with their body and to be able to do it consistently.  Generally we find that the age of 11 is the earliest that children can deal with those two parts of learning archery.  Mount Petrie Bowmen reserves the right to refuse coaching to anyone who is not of the required age or physical ability.

There is no upper age limit.  If you’re reasonably fit and game, give it a go.

I just want to give archery a go.

No problem.  We offer Come & Try courses on a regular basis.


I’d like to host a workplace, social or family event.

We can help with a safe, structured and fun activity that can involve an element of friendly competition, if that is what you’re looking for – see Special Events.

What Age Division am I in?

There are a number of age related divisions – Cub, Intermediate, Cadet, Under 20, Open, Master, Veteran and Veteran+.  Our national governing body, Archery Australia, publishes this information each year.  Go to the Mount Petrie Bowmen Member Handbook.

What coaching opportunities are there after I join?

The Club provides coaching free of charge to members.  We recommend that after completing the Archery Certificate Course, to do some more sessions indoor until you’re feeling comfortable.  These sessions are held on most Saturday mornings at 10.00am.  Sooner rather than later however, you need to go outside to the Roo Shoot, also held on most Saturday mornings at 10.00am.  Here you will learn appropriate shoot behavior, how to score, and be challenged to attempt longer distances.  Once you have consolidated your technique you can seek to be matched with a senior archer to obtain more advanced coaching.

When should I buy equipment?

We strongly recommend that you postpone buying your bow until you have been shooting for a while, especially if you are buying for a young person.  With practice, your bow fitness will develop and your draw length might increase, so it’s better to purchase your bow after this has occurred.  Less expensive items such as a quiver, finger sling, finger tab and arm guard are good initial purchases.  The Club sells inexpensive entry level arrows, so you’ll have everything you need and you’ll just need to hire a bow.

Does your club sell archery equipment?

No, you need to go to an archery shop or look online for that. Buying archery equipment is a highly technical exercise, so we always recommend joining a club and getting some sound advice on what is suitable for you, before you walk into a shop ready to spend your money.

When is the Club open?

Saturday is our most active day with coaching most mornings and a Club shoot in the afternoon, with occasional variations on that theme.  We are open three nights a week, with some restrictions for non-members.  For full details go to Opening Hours.

What are the opportunities for competition?

Many archers will tell you that they are happy just competing against themselves to constantly improve their personal best scores – and that is enough for them. Others are keen to participate in Club, state and national tournaments.  The great thing is that no one is compelled to compete and you don’t need to be a top level archer to compete an state and national tournaments.  

Do you offer casual shooting at the Club?

Mount Petrie Bowmen is a not-for-profit, volunteer run, membership based club.  To shoot at the Club you need to be a member of the Club.  We do not offer casual shooting for non-members on a commercial basis.  Current members of an Archery Australia affiliated club may shoot as a visitor on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Archery Alliance, (ie., ABA, 3DAAA and FAA) members may shoot as a visitor four times a year on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  All visitors must comply with Archery Australia rule s., Archery Australia Shooting Rules. Specifically, a compound bow with a variable peak weight range above 60lb cannot be used. For other bows, the maximum draw weight, as measured at the archer’s draw length, cannot exceed 60lbs.


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