As a volunteer based Club, coaching is included in your membership.

First Step – Indoor Coaching

On most Saturday mornings in the indoor hall we offer coaching for new members who are still consolidating their technique.  But, sooner or later, we will send you outside to the more challenging world of the Roo Shoot – read on.

Second Step – the Roo Shoot

The Roo Shoot is an unofficial 36 arrow scored coaching shoot where you will be challenged to attempt increasing distances, usually starting at 20m, which is only 2m more than what you will have finished off at in the indoor hall at the Archery Certificate Course. This is where you will learn shoot etiquette and the very important skill of how to score.  This is a necessary step to being able to fully participate in Club shoots.

Third Step – Higher Level Options

Our regional governing body, South Queensland Archery Society, runs a development program for more advanced archers as well as coaching clinics.  Individual coaches in the Club can be approached to establish a more direct coaching arrangement.

coaching is available for members
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