Archery Disciplines

Mount Petrie Bowmen offers four archery disciplines – outdoor target archery, indoor target archery, field archery and clout.

Target – Outdoor

Target archery is shot outdoor on most Saturdays on the Hannay Range at distances from 20m to 90m depending on your age class and bow type.  We offer a variety of shoots throughout the year and these shoots vary each week.  Sometimes it might be 90 arrows at a single distance.  Another might be 144 arrows at four different distances.  We always cater for new members by offering an achievable shorter distance such as 20m or 30m.

outdoor target archery

Target – Indoor

As it says, indoor archery is shot in our indoor shooting hall. Typically, 60 arrows are shot at either 18m or 25m. Evening shoots are held twice a week.

indoor target archery


Field archery involves shooting at targets placed on a field course laid out through the natural terrain adjacent to our facility. We have convenient access to a course on a lease held by our state governing body, South Queensland Archery Society. Targets are shot at various distances and the size of the target varies with the distance that the target is set away from the archer.

Field archery


Clout is long range archery having its roots back in medieval warfare when archers would lob their arrows onto advancing armies.  Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about advancing armies any more. Clout is shot at a number of distances into a 15m wide target laid out on the ground with the centre of the target marked by a clout – a foam inverted triangle.  Small coloured flags delineate the rings of the target.  The range is up to 180m for modern bows with shorter distances being used for other equipment and age class.

Clout long range archery
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