Opening Hours

The opening hours of Mount Petrie Bowmen can vary depending on the requirements of the Club Shooting Calendar.

Saturday – Club Day

Both the indoor hall and outdoor range are open from 9.00am until the afternoon shoot concludes, usually mid-afternoon.

Commemorating the Battle of Agincourt - 600 years
Commemorating the Battle of Agincourt – 600 years

Monday Night 

At present, we are not opening on Monday evenings until further notice, and pending full easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Normally, the indoor hall is open for private practice from about 5.00pm to 7.00pm, depending on the turn-out – MPB Club members only.

Tuesday & Thursday Evening

The indoor hall is open from 6.00pm until the conclusion of the official shoot at about 8.45pm – refer to restrictions for visitors.

Sunday to Friday

The outdoor range is open for private practice during daylight hours – MPB Club members only. As the range is not supervised, under 18yo members must not be left at the range without adult supervision.

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