When you join Mount Petrie Bowmen (MPB) you will also affiliate to our state governing body, South Queensland Archery Society (SQAS) and to our national governing body, Archery Australia (AA).

Click to see a full Fee Schedule, including affiliation fees, range fees and equipment hire fees.

Paying Your Fees

New members join online on the Archery Australia website. See membership requirements and instructions on how to register online as a new member.

Renewal fees are due annually on the anniversary of joining.  Instructions on how to renew are provided to you with your renewal notice.

Range, equipment hire and new target fees (see Fee Schedule) are payable in cash when you sign in before shooting.

Casual Shooting?

As a membership based Club, we do not offer casual shooting on a commercial basis to non-members. If you are interested in learning archery, or just want to have a go, see the range of courses we offer.

Current members of another Archery Australia affiliated club may shoot as a visitor on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Archery Alliance members (ie., ABA, 3DAAA and FAA), may shoot as a visitor four times a year on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  

All visitors must comply with Archery Australia rule s., Archery Australia Shooting Rules. Specifically, a compound bow with a variable peak weight range above 60lb cannot be used. For other bows, the maximum draw weight, as measured at the archer’s draw length, cannot exceed 60lbs.

Refund Policy


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