As a member of an Archery Australia affiliated club you will have the opportunity to shoot at club, state and national level, if that is your choice. But if your preference is only to shoot for your personal satisfaction, you can do that too. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a highly competitive archer to enter an MPB Club shoot, or a state or national championship tournament. You can do it, just for fun.

Start at Club level and build your confidence and then, if you want to learn about what is involved in championship shoots, talk to some of the experienced archers around the Club. Perhaps you will be selected for the state team to attend a national tournament, but even if you don’t you can still go to the tournament, have a great time, and gain lots of experience along the way.

South Queensland Archery Society participants at the 2019 Youth Nationals

You can also travel to other Archery Australia affiliated clubs and shoot as a visitor. Just make sure you always have your current Archery Australia card with you.

Calendar of events

Planning for each year’s Calendar starts in the middle of the previous year, so for a variety of reasons, sometimes we need to change Calendar events. 

Check the online Calendar here, which includes details of coming tournaments, courses and events with links to booking pages, etc.

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