Our Volunteers

As a not-for-profit, volunteer managed community club, our volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation. Volunteers take on a huge range of responsibilities, many of which may not be obvious, for example –

  • coaching at introductory courses
  • coaching new members
  • running income generating ‘special’ events
  • helping new members decide on their equipment purchases and setting it up
  • maintaining and repairing broken beginner equipment
Repairing beginner arrows
  • keeping the toilets clean
  • attending working bees
  • maintaining the gardens
The new garden under the big tree
  • emptying the bins
  • collecting recycling materials to generate revenue
  • maintaining the distances grid on the outdoor range
Line marking the grid on the outdoor range
  • grant writing and acquittal
  • implementing the projects for which grants have been received
  • updating and maintaining our computer and technical resources
  • planning for and running state and national tournaments
Getting ready for the Indoor Nationals tournament
  • DOSing (Director of Shooting) the shoots
  • maintaining electronic support systems., eg., online course booking system, shoot registration, website
  • refurbishing the indoor and outdoor butts
Refurbishing the outdoor practice butts
  • purchasing for the canteen, and other requisites
  • staffing the canteen on Saturday mornings
  • responding to ‘phone and email enquiries
  • banking takings and accounting for the Club finances
  • acting as a judge at official tournaments
Judging tournaments
  • maintaining shoot results and arranging achievement badges
  • representing the Club at state level management meetings
  • developing the annual shoot calendar
  • dealing with facility issues., eg., when the septic system cracks up
  • overseeing contractors.,eg., mowing, weed poisoning, electricians, facility improvements
  • the Club Committee is made up of unpaid volunteers
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