COVID-19 Information

Latest COVID Information

Please note the following in response to the latest Queensland government COVID announcement today, January 11th.

1 You are required to have a mask with you when you leave your home.

2 If you plan to shoot in the indoor hall you must wear a mask.

3 Accompanying persons must wear a mask in the indoor hall.

4 On the outdoor range if is recommended that you wear a mask if you come within 1.5m of another person.

5 This arrangement will remain in place until the 22nd of January unless changes are announced by the Queensland government.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Who Can Shoot

Mount Petrie Bowmen is now open members and visitors. Standard opening hours apply, excepting that Monday evenings will remain closed until further notice. Please take note of COVID constraints.

Signing In and Out

Members’ and visitors’ co-operation is required to ensure that the Club meets its COVID related obligations.

  • if you are unwell, please do not come to the Club
  • have your own pen with you for signing-in and out
  • bring the correct change so you and the volunteers don’t have to handle money – range fee is $7.00 (senior) and $5.00 (junior).  Equipment hire is $8.00
  • visitor range fee is $10.00 for both seniors and juniors
  • you must sign IN on arrival, and OUT when you leave.  In the event of an infection contact being traced to the Club, we must be able to produce the sign-in list to the authorities for contract tracing purposes and for this we need your in AND out times.
  • please follow all instructions with respect to sanitising procedures
  • it you hire Club equipment you must sanitise it with supplies provided before returning it to its place
  • the canteen will be open with limited supplies
  • members must not enter the canteen
  • if you wish to reheat your leftovers use the microwave near the roller door and sanitise after use with supplies provided
  • maintain 1.5m distancing in communal areas
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