International Representatives

Over the years, there have been many MPB members who have represented Australia at international tournaments.

Taylor Worth, Team Bronze Medal, 2016 Rio Olympics
2020Taylor WorthOlympic GamesJapan
Alice IngleyOlympic GamesJapan
2019Taylor WorthWorld Cup 1Colombia
Taylor WorthTarget World ChampionshipsNetherlands
Remy LeonardWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsSpain
Matt McDougallWorld Cup 2China
Lara BezzinaTrans Tasman ChallengeNew Zealand
Jaymie WoodTrans Tasman ChallengeNew Zealand
2018Taylor WorthWorld Indoor ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Remy LeonardWorld Youth Indoor ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Jaymie WoodTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Olivia WitherowTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Jaymie WoodOceania ChampionshipsNew Caledonia
2017Sam StricklandWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsArgentina
Taylor WorthWorld Target ChampionshipsMexico
2016Taylor WorthWorld Target ChampionshipsDenmark
Taylor WorthOlympic GamesBrazil
Gabby DaleWorld Youth Field ChampionshipsRepublic of Ireland
Sam StricklandOceania ChampionshipsTonga
Sam StricklandTrans Tasman ChallengeNew Zealand
Gabby DaleTrans Tasman ChallengeNew Zealand
2015Scott BriceWorld Target ChampionshipsDenmark
Joshua CarrollWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Jessica SuttonWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Taylor WorthWorld Target ChampionshipsDenmark
2014Gabby DaleWorld Youth Field ChampionshipsCroatia
Emily SuttonWorld Youth Field ChampionshipsCroatia
Jessica SuttonYouth Olympic GamesChina
Nick TurnerYouth Olympic GamesChina
Michael WelkWorld Indoor ChampionshipsFrance
Taylor WorthWorld Indoor ChampionshipsFrance
Jessica SuttonTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Nick TurnerTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Anthony CarrollTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Joshua CarrollTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
Emily SuttonTrans Tasman ChallengeAustralia
2013Mike BrosnanWorld Target ChampionshipsTUR
Anthony CarrollWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsChina
Emily SuttonWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsChina
Jessica SuttonWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsChina
Nick TurnerWorld Youth Target ChampionshipsChina
2012Mike BrosnanWorld Indoor Target ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Jarryd GreitschusWorld Field ChampionshipsFrance
2006Jesse McDonaldWorld Junior Target ChampionshipsMexico
Ryan TyackWorld Junior Target ChampionshipsMexico
Jane WallerWorld Junior Target ChampionshipsMexico
2005Mike CowieWorld Indoor ChampionshipsDenmark
2005Jesse McDonaldAustralian Youth Olympic FestivalAustralia
Jane WallerAustralian Youth Olympic FestivalAustralia
2004Kerry CherasOceania ChampionshipsNew Caledonia
Steven CherasOceania ChampionshipsNew Caledonia
2003Pam KirkpatrickWorld Target ChampionshipsUnited States of America
Scott RobertsWorld Disabled Target ChampionshipsSpain
2002Mat MasonwellsWorld Junior Target ChampionshipsCzechoslovakia
2001Adam RichardsWorld Target ChampionshipsChina
1997Adam RichardsWorld Target ChampionshipsCanada
1995Adam RichardsWorld Indoor ChampionshipsEngland
1991Terry DonovanWorld Target ChampionshipsPoland
1987Terry DonovanWorld Target ChampionshipsAustralia
1985Sue DaviesWorld Wheelchair Target ChampionshipsEngland
Terry DonovanWorld Target ChampionshipsSouth Korea
1984Sue DaviesParalympic GamesEngland
Terry DonovanOlympic GamesUnited States of America
1983Shirley ChessherWorld Target ChampionshipsUnited States of America
1982Shirley ChessherCommonwealth GamesAustralia
Terry DonovanCommonwealth GamesAustralia
1981Shirley ChessherWorld Target ChampionshipsItaly
Terry DonovanWorld Target ChampionshipsItaly
1980Sue DaviesParalympic GamesNetherlands
Terry DonovanOlympic GamesRussia
1979Shirley ChessherWorld Target ChampionshipsWest Germany
Terry DonovanWorld Target ChampionshipsWest Germany
Sue DaviesWorld Wheelchair Target ChampionshipsEngland
1978Sue DaviesWorld Wheelchair Target ChampionshipsEngland
1977Shirley ChessherWorld Target ChampionshipsAustralia
Sue DaviesWorld Wheelchair Target ChampionshipsEngland
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