Fee Schedule

Affiliation Fees

Senior (18 years & over)$150.00$100.00$35.00$285.00
Junior (under 18 on 1st Jan)$95.00$65.00$30.00$195.00
Family of 3 (2 seniors + 1 junior)$355.00$200.00$70.00$625.00
Family of 3 (1 senior + 2 juniors)$306.00$200.00$70.00$576.00
Family of 4 (2 seniors + 2 minors)$441.00$200.00$70.00$701.00
Family of 4 (1 senior + 3 minors)$392.00$200.00$70.00$662.00
Family of 5 (2 seniors + 3 minors)$526.00$200.00$70.00$796.00
Social member (non-shooting)$0.00$24.00$0.00$24.00

Range Fees

Range fees are paid on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, whether or not you are registered for the official shoot. Visiting AA affiliated club members or Archery Alliance members, must present a current association membership card.

MPB Member Range Fees
Senior (18 years & over)$8.00
Junior (under 18 on 1st Jan)$6.00
Visitor Range Fees
All visitors$12.00

Equipment Hire

$8.00 each time.

Evening QRE Fee & Silver Arrow Indoor Fee (includes new target)


New Target Fee

$3.00, when you choose to use a new indoor target face, except when shooting in a registered tournament where targets are provided, eg, a QRE.

Refund Policy


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